D-mine® Care

D-mine® Care refers to EVER Pharma's package of care available to all patients who have been prescribed Dacepton® in the UK. D-mine® Care is delivered by EVER Pharma's nursing team who comprise of registered nurses with experience in the field of apomorphine initiation and management.

D-mine® Care includes:

  • Support and advice with assessment and initiation of patients who have been identified as suitable for Dacepton®.
  • Training and competency testing for healthcare professionals, patients and family and carers assisting with Dacepton® therapy.
  • Regular patient contact to manage Dacepton® and D-mine® therapy. Please see the Patient Therapy Record for visit schedule.
  • Confidential post visit reports to the treating healthcare professionals via nhs.net email.

To get in contact with our D-mine® nurse advisers please contact:

Telephone: 0800 254 0175, or

Email: dminecare.uk@everpharma.com