Before you start

Please refer to the prescribing information for complete information relating to Dacepton®.

Dacepton® may be administered by either intermittent subcutaneous injection at the beginning of “off“ phases, or by continuous subcutaneous infusion.

  • Dacepton® 5 mg/ml solution for infusion, using the D-mine® Pump1
  • Dacepton® 10 mg/ml is for subcutaneous use by intermittent bolus injection, using the D-mine® Pen2

    Patients selected for treatment for Dacepton® should be able to recognise the onset of their ”off” symptoms and be capable of injecting themselves or else have a responsible carer able to inject for them when required.

    Patients treated with apomorphine will usually need to start domperidone at least two days prior to initiation of therapy.

    When used in combination with domperidone, risk factors in the individual patient should be carefully assessed. This should be done before treatment initiation, and during treatment. Important risk factors include serious underlying heart conditions such as congestive cardiac failure, severe hepatic impairment or significant electrolyte disturbance. Also medication possibly affecting electrolyte balance, CYP3A4 metabolism or QT interval should be assessed. Monitoring for an effect on the QTc interval is advisable. 

    An ECG should be performed:

    • prior to treatment with domperidone
    • during the treatment initiation phase
    • as clinically indicated thereafter

    You can find more information on initiating Dacepton® in our "Guide to Dacepton®" brochure.

    1. SmPC Dacepton®® 5mg/ml Vial solution for infusion (

    2. SmPC Dacepton®® 10mg/ml Cartridge solution for injection (