Prescribing and ordering Dacepton® and D-mine® devices

Before we talk about prescriptions, it is worth taking a moment to remember that to use Dacepton® successfully, your patient will require:

  • The Dacepton® medication (cartridges and/or vials)
  • The D-mine® devices (Pen or Pump)
  • The ancillaries (pen needles, infusion lines and Reservoir)

Some of the above items are presribed whilst others are provided free of charge. Click here to learn more. 

The next section will talk you through how you go about prescribing Dacepton® for your patients. 

    Prescribing Dacepton® and D-mine®

    The table below discusses how much medication you need to prescribe and also contains an example prescription form (FP10) which may be useful.

    Dacepton® cartridges (use with D-mine® Pen)

    We generally advise you to prescribe two packs of

    five (total of 10 cartridges) to begin with. 

    Remember, you don't need to prescribe the needles.

    • Click here for an example prescription.

    Dacepton® vials (use with Dacepton® Pump)

    For Pump patients you will need to determine how many

    Dacepton® vials AND how many Reservoirs the patient will need.

    The patient won't be able to administer their therapy

    without BOTH their Dacepton® and Reservoirs.

    No need to presrcribe the infusion lines.

    • Click here for the vial calculation
    • Click here for the Reservoir calculation
    • Click here for and example prescription


    Ordering Dacepton® and D-mine®

    EVER Pharma has partnered with Pharmaxo to deliver a homecare service for patients receiving Dacepton®. Homecare means your patient's medication and ancillaries will be delivered to their home as prescribed, free of charge.

    In order for your patients to receive homecare, they will need to be registered for the service. The process is easy and the is outlined below.  Please note the requirements for secondary v primary care are slightly different.

    If you are working in Secondary care

    1. Determine if your trust has a Pharmaxo Master Service Schedule set up.  This is a service level agreement between the Trust and Pharmaxo, and may already be in place.

    2. Once the Master Service Schedule is in place, you need to complete a Work Order. This adds Dacepton® to the service agreement and will allow the delivery of Dacepton®  under the agreement.

    3. Next, register the patient via the Patient Registration Form. This will let Pharmaxo know that this patient needs to

    receive Dacepton®.

    4. All that is left is to write the prescription for your patient. The prescription needs to be written on the                       Dacepton® Homecare Prescription Form

    5. For any questions please contact Pharmaxo at 01225 302188

    If you are working in Primary care

    The first option is to write an FP10 prescription as normal, and fulfilling the prescription at the patient's nominated pharmacy.  This will require the patient to collect their prescription every  month, which may not be convenient.

    The second option is to utilise our FREE homecare service, which means the patient's medication and ancillaries will be delivered straight to their home address.  To set this up, you need to:

    1. Register the patient via the Patient Registration Form.

    2. Presribe Dacepton® via your primary care prescription form (FP10).

    3. Send a hard copy of the prescription to Pharmaxo to allow for the dispensing of the products.

    The postal address is:

    1 Corsham Science Park
    Park Lane
    SN13 9FU

    Tel:  01225 302188

    If you have any questions relating to the the information above you can contact us at:

    Tel:  0800 254 0175