Gastropareses explained

In patients with motor fluctuations complicating Parkinson’s disease (PD), delays in time-to-"on" with levodopa are common.1

Delays in turning "on" reflect a delay in the absorption of levodopa which may be a result of delayed gastric emptying (gastroparesis), presence of intestinal protein that competes with levodopa absorption, bacterial overgrowth, and/or pharmacodynamic effects.1

The video below explains the impact of gastroparesis and how patients can benefit from device-aided therapies such as Dacepton®.

1. Isaacson S, Lew M, Ondo W, Hubble J, Clinch T, Pagan F. (2016) Apormorphine Subcutaneous Injection for the Management of Morning Akinesia in Parkinson's Disease. Movement Disorders Clinical Practice